Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello! Welcome to my new blog

  My name is Carissa. I've been crafting off and on since I was tiny, and recently decided it was time to make a go of turning it into my main source of income. I'm not good with daily journals or diaries, so don't be surprised if I don't post every day!

  I have several projects in the works, and I'll be posting about those, promoting other etsy shops, and possibly sharing some patterns or ideas as I go. I don't always work from a pattern, and often make things up as I go, so patterns aren't always available for my original works- I'd share them if there was!

  I've set up  my shop on Etsy, and even made my very first sale! Max the desk turtle found his home yesterday - and he'll be sent out as soon as this wicked snow is over. This legless little guy is approx 4.5" from nose to tail, 2.5" wide, and 1.5" tall. He was made working in the round, without a pattern, and is one of a kind.

  This octopus was made for a family member in Chicago who LOVES octopi. She had given me some yarn when I went to visit last month, and I used part of it to make this gift for her as my thanks. Like Max, it was made in the round, without a pattern, and is one of a kind.

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