Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tye Dye Mania, Day 1

 Today I broke out the shirts and dye, and I had a blast! I did 10 shirts, which are now drying in my bathroom. It's annoying my boyfriend to no end, because he knows I have a lot more to do.   :)

I took pictures of the first 5, but by the time I had 5 more done, it was starting to get dark. I'll get finished pictures of each one once they've gone through drying, rinsing, and more drying.

The one to the far left, the one with green, red, and yellow, sold while it was still dripping!

Apparently, tye dye hanging to dry in an apartment complex in my area isn't very common... I caused a huge stir, with over half of the people who saw them already wanting one of their own! I have nearly a dozen people bringing me shirts and skirts in the next week or so, and some of them plan to bring more than one.

Something tells me I'm going to need a lot more dye, and I'll probably have colorful fingers for the next month or more. I had so much fun, I might see if I can manage to dye a batch at least once a week or more through the whole summer.

I love seeing all the color combinations and patterns emerge, and knowing that each one is unique makes it even better!

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